Elegant, rich in beauty , sparkling eyes,

Yes, the eyes which when someone met,

Would lift the person off to skies,

Or even above the heavens led,

enchanting moves, so polished and refined,

Were even more captivating I call tell,

Words from her mouth would dance and shine,

Voice so charming as sweetly ringing bells,

But no one knew the truth as it is,

I was such a doll called as puppet.



They think of me as a fragile toy,

Or a simple pot made of clay,

These words always make me annoy,

But from evil eye keep me away,

they have remained but Oblivion to me,

they would have known,if I would have let,

Oh yes fragile are most, but i cannot be,

For God has made me someone else instead,

Heaven’s Mighty and intense light am I ,

Howling with bravery a girl from the Sky!

The Girl Who Lived

My story begins when i was born in 1996. Doctors had told my mom beforehand that she would be having ceaserian, but i was even more naughty…. I said to myself that i cannot wait any longer , i have to move to the new world now or never so i popped up two weeks earlier 😁. Born premature, i was kept in the incubator for forteen full fledge days. Along with that i developed pneumonia and jaundice as soon as i entered this cruelsome world. My condition was so bad that the doctors made my family realize that I couldn’t be saved 😶 . My grandma came to know about my condition when she was about to enter the hospital. You know what she did? She instantly rushed back without even visiting the little angel that is me, to her home. There she made preparations for the funeral of …..ME ?????? What? Yeah! She did this that day. Now she repeats this story and makes us all laugh. And she tells everyone that look this is the girl who lived 😊

Freedom Of My Thoughts

A flood of thoughts had encompassed my mind. They were ready to take revenge from me because i had encaptured them from the first day of their birth. I had never allowed them to go out and play, i was such a bad gaurdian. They had promised to not go that far but still i had refused. I kept them chained in my mind. Hence now they were just ready to take revenge from me by making me a patient of generalized anxiety disorder , a person whose mind cannot bear any longer, the person who thinks and thinks and thinks. It was in these circumstances that i met a person named wordpress . He promised me a good future. He promised to save me from my outrageous thoughts who were about to take their revenge by promising my thoughts their freedom…….. Yes! He promised to set them free !

Peace Please Peace


(In remembrance of 132 massacred children of APS school Peshawar, Pakistan who were killed brutally by taliban in their school on 16th dec 2016.)


“Don’t kill me, O man with the gun,

Give me a moment so that i may run,

I am a kid and weak infront of you,

I clearly know that what will you do,

The gun in your hand fills terror in my heart,

Why do you stop me when i am in my start,

Take away my toys , my pleasures and my joys,

But don’t kill me for my mother will die,

Torture me as you wish or torture me as you please,

But i will say that i want peace please peace”,

No voice was heard and all the dreams got tattered,

All at once when the windows were shattered,

The flowers who in the morning arose well from their beds,

only in seconds were alas all dead!